01 – Master Planning

Architectural master planning is the first step in any design process. It is the creation of a framework in which the whole project proceeds.

02 – Strategy

Architecture strategy translates business strategy into objectives for building, enhancing, or replacing business and system capabilities while maintaining the architectural objective.

03 – Concept

An architecture concept is the idea or approach that serves as the basis for the design of a building or other structure.

04 – Architectural Design

Architectural design focuses on covering and meeting the needs and demands, to create the actual design project using certain tools and, especially, creativity.

05 – Planning Applications

Planning applications can be used to find out whether a proposed development is likely to be approved by the planning authority before substantial developing effort done in a detailed design.

06 – Detailed Design

The sum of drawings concerning the construction details, the characteristics of the materials and the construction methods of the project.

07 – 3D Modelling

The process of creating three-dimensional representations of an object or surface using computer-based 3D modelling softwares.

08 – Design For Modular Contruction

The process where the building is constructed offsite using controlled plant conditions before being transported and assembled at a final location improving efficiency and controlling costs.

09 – Design For Energy Conservation

The concept of energy conservation is not only a part of green architectural design, but also an important element in the creation of a more sustainable life and design model.

10 – Space Planning And Layouts

The process of analyzing how space in structures and rooms will be used. Good space planning considers possible space uses and ensures that they’re used efficiently.